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Basic Guidance On Measuring For A One-Piece Garage Door

Discussion in 'How To Measure For Your New Garage Door' started by MGD, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. MGD

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    When calling for a price on a garage door, please have sizes to hand, as we have lots of customers who call asking for a price for a 'standard' garage door, some manufacturers can have 20+ standard sizes and these are different prices.

    The above picture shows different points we would ask for sizes.

    If you wanted a new door to be installed to an 'existing' timber frame, we would ask you for the internal frame sizes A & B, and we would also ask about the size of the frame that the door would be installed onto (ideally, the minimum size for a timber garage door frame is at least 69mm x 69mm)

    If you require a new garage door to be installed with a new frame, we would ask you for measurements C&D , these measurements are total aperture Width/Height , if you were to want your garage door to be fitted on the internal face of the brickwork (ie behind reveals), we would then require the measurement of those reveals to the flank walls.

    Please make sure that when you take any of the measurements above (A, B, C or D) that you measure in multiple places (2 or 3 places), as floor levels can be differ and brick walls can be different in size from top to bottom or have bricks that stick out further than others.

    Obviously, when we give you a price over the phone, it is only a guide price, and we would need to visit and confirm sizes before giving an exact price or ordering a garage door.

    Usually we suggest a 'Steel' frame, as you do not get the issues of rot and the need to paint them so often, though we are still able to install doors to a new timber frame if required.

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