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Is automation for you ?

Discussion in 'Automation .... Is it worth it ?' started by MGD, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. MGD

    MGD Administrator Staff Member

    Automating (or adding a 'motor' to ) a garage door is usually undertaken for many reasons, not just because it is laziness :) .

    Some reasons for automation, may include :-

    * Disabilities
    * Vulnerability at certain times of day
    * Door being taller than the user of the door ie children
    * Door being cumbersome

    The above are just some of the reasons for automating a garage door, it is also sometimes a great convenience to open your garage door via a remote control instead of letting the meter reader open it and damage the door (we get many calls after the meter readers have been in!).

    If your garage door is not working correctly, please do not think that a motor will cure the problems, your garage door is probably in need of a proper 'service', which we are able to perform.

    A garage door operator (GDO) should only be fitted to a garage door that is normal and free running in operation.

    If you want to discuss further, whether automation is for you, either start a thread or contact us directly.


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