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Lubrication of canopy garage doors

Discussion in 'Articles Forum' started by MGD, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. MGD

    MGD Administrator Staff Member

    This may sound like a silly thing to create a topic about, but 80% of doors we repair, show no signs of ever seeing any kind of oil.

    It is most important on canopy style garage doors to ensure that the overhead spring (mid door spring on the Cardale Compact type), is lubricated for the full width of the spring, ensuring that any pivot points also receive a good coverage also.

    We also suggest that lubrication on the guides on the back of the frame are also lubricated (contrary to some manufacturers), as it reduces wear on the door parts fitted.

    Our oil of choice is WD-40 . We find that once a liberal amount is used, it will last approximately 2-3 months before you will need to spray again. We have tested 3 in 1 spray oil but found that as it ages, it will evaporate and leave a 'grease' behind, over time, the build up of this 'grease' will attract grit and dirt and congeal, which then adds strain to parts on the door.

    Do not apply any grease to the guides or the spring, as you will be causing the above to happen, the only place that grease is acceptable (and a small quantity) is on lock contact points.


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