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Need replacement remote handsets that are obsolete ?

Discussion in 'Automation and Remote control Help' started by MGD, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. MGD

    MGD Administrator Staff Member

    The simplest/cheapest way to continue using your garage door automatically is to get a new radio set.

    Radio sets consist of a new Receiver (sometimes referred to as Rx) and a new Transmitter (sometimes referred to as Tx).

    The Transmitter sends a signal which the Receiver 'receives' and this actuates a switch which then operates your garage door.

    A lot of older transmitters are becoming obsolete with the change in recent years of radio signal frequencies and also the lack of security of some remotes.

    The Radio sets we fit all feature rolling code technology and have billions of combinations, making them near on impossible to duplicate.

    Please beware of cheap radio sets, which will do the job, but usually are illegal due to either the strength of the signals being generated or are not a licensed frequency to be used.

    More information can be found on Wikipedia here :-


    Thanks for reading.


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