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Roller Doors

Discussion in 'Garage Door Types' started by MGD, Jun 2, 2012.

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  1. MGD

    MGD Administrator Staff Member

    An ideal solution for people who want to improve the appearance of their home and gain space in their garage. Roller doors open vertically with no 'kick out' of the door - this means you can park right up to the door on your driveway. With in-built automation, you can have the luxury and convenience of remote control as standard. And as the door is made from insulated aluminium profiles, Roller doors provide a thermal and acoustic barrier, helping to control your energy bills, reduce noise and possibly your carbon footprint.

    Roller Doors open vertically and rolls compactly, allowing you to park up to the door and keeping the ceiling space inside your garage free. The integral drive unit is built into the door and requires only 30cm (on a 77mm lathed door) or 20cm (on a 50mm lathed door) headroom. The drive unit is a powerful, high quality tubular motor and includes a manual override.

    All Roller doors we install are automated as standard and are backed with a 5 year motor warranty. Imagine the luxury of opening and closing the door at the touch of a button. To help you to park your car, an automatic light is built into the control box and is activated when the door starts to open. Two compact remote control handsets are provided as standard.

    All Roller doors have brush weathersealing in the tracks and a rubber bottom weatherseal. Safety against the door closing onto children/pets/cars is achieved by either photo cell sensors or a hidden sensor within the rubber seal, commonly known in the trade as the 'safety edge' . Either of the mentioned safety systems will instantly recognise an obstruction and reverse the door curtain back to the fully open position.

    The roller doors are available in many standard colours now and also in Woodgrain finishes Golden Oak, Rosewood and Mahogany, matching perfectly to your windows, doors and conservatory.

    Lathe samples are kept in our vans at all times to show you the colours if you require seeing them at your home.
    For more information contact us at

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