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Roller Garage Door Will Not Close ......

Discussion in 'Roller Door Help' started by MGD, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. MGD

    MGD Administrator Staff Member

    We get a lot of calls from customers with the above problem. The door opens perfectly, but refuses to close.

    There are a couple of common instances that this happens.

    1. You have a safety device on the door which is 'kicking in' and not allowing the door to close, it may have a Photo Cell safety beam on the bottom of the door (which has a reflector on one side), try giving these a wipe over with a clean damp cloth or kitchen roll, as build up of dirt or even a spiders web over this can disrupt the light beam, causing the control box to think there is an obstacle.
    If you have the newer system with a 'safety edge', the bottom lathe of the door will have a plastic box on the inside of the door, this is wirelessly connected to your control box and is powered by a battery, if the battery is running low or dead, it will need changing, as it is not relaying a message to the control box to let it know it is safe to close. If you do have a Safety edge, invariably the battery(ies) in this unit are AA batteries, but not your normal 1.5 volt ones, you will need a special Lithium Ion type which are 3.6 volt (code for these batteries is AA3v6), we have found the best source of these currently is either via Ebay or Amazon.

    2. The second reason your door may not be closing is that your motor has had its day, we can run tests on this to check if this is the case. Just call us to book us in. If it is a new motor, this is the expensive part and the very reason we only supply good quality doors with the proper manufacturer backup.

    If for any reason, you are stuck, please call and we can do any of the above for you, but it may just save your pocket for something simple which we charge a minimum charge to carry out.

    Thanks for reading

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