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Seguro/ Essati / Vecelli / 'Roller Garage Doors' /Roman Garage Doors

Discussion in 'Manufacturer Links' started by MGD, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. MGD

    MGD Administrator Staff Member

    PLEASE NOTE ... Murray Garage Doors have no affiliation with the above named company and this thread is for information purposes about said company.

    Many people have had issues with one this company(ies) and call us (which has prompted us to write this couple of paragraphs), asking to remedy their situation, we cannot work miracles to doors which have not been made properly, but will try and help in any other way we can.

    Same company different names.

    Website used as of 20/10/2017):-


    They do 'Manufacture' certain parts for the doors and can offer you a warranty from 'P Kelly Warranties' for upto 10 years for your new Roller Garage Door

    Roman Garage Doors featured on BBC's Watchdog early 2017, if you have Iplayer, you can watch the episode


    Contact details :-

    01376 571778
    01245 361676
    01277 355377

    Crane Yard
    Drakes Lane Industrial Estate
    Drakes Lane
    CM3 3BE

    Roller Garage Doors
    Squire House
    81-87 High Street
    CM12 9AS

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