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Up and Over Doors

Discussion in 'Garage Door Types' started by MGD, Jun 2, 2012.

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  1. MGD

    MGD Administrator Staff Member

    One piece up & over garage doors are the most diverse kind of garage door on the market, available in many choices of colours, materials, sizes and designs.​

    As a company we would typically ask you the customer what you would require from your garage door, and then make a few helpful suggestions of door to help you reach the right decision for what you want from your garage door ....... Be it Price (or lack of) or to have a fully finished door with windows to allow natural daylight to flood your garage installed in a matching frame.​

    From here, up & over garage doors can be split into 2 main types of lifting gear:-​
    Canopy Lifting Gear
    Canopy lifting gear leaves around one third of the door protruding from the front of the garage when the door is open (forming a canopy). This is the most common type of door as it is the quickest to fit and is a lower price than other types of operating gear.​

    If your existing garage door has canopy lifting gear, it is likely that the spring will run across the top of the door. Canopy lifting gear is designed for manual opening so the introduction of a garage door motor requires an optional extra called a bow arm converter (but this is not advisable) , its worth bearing in mind that if you wish to automate your door at a later date the tracked version of the same door is the correct choice as it will be cheaper in the long run and will operate properly.​
    Depending on the manufacturer of certain canopy doors, these are only available on doors upto 9' wide, after this size, only retractable gear is available.​
    Tracked/Retractable Lifting gear
    Retractable Lifting gear utilizes Horizontal tracks to support the door in the garage in the open position, the track are supported either by suspending from the ceiling or supported by the side walls.​
    This gear is ideal for electric automation and is the only lifting gear for one-piece Double width garage doors, the garage doors tension springs are commonly found at the base of each frame leg inside the garage.​

    For more information contact us at

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